Samolot Savage Shock Ultra

Shock Ultra, „the lightest” Aircraft specialized for Bushflying on the market, is ready to meet your requirements with no compromises and no inferiority complexes.

The new “Shock Ultra” sees the light after more than one year of development and represents the natural evolution, into an Ultralight version, of our Shock Cub – an Aircraft created in 2016 and proposed with an overall vision and specific technical features strongly oriented to Bushflying, activity in continuous and wider development, where adventure and maximum safety considerations (ensured, among other features, by an exceptional protective cell and aerodynamics of high performance at low speeds) represent the key factors. The much-appreciated growing demand for our ever-more-specialized aircraft, even in the European market where, most of the time, Empty Weight and MTOW represent critical factors for the future buyer, has led us to design an Ultralight version of our Shock Cub which could satisfy and be compliant with some of these European Countries’ strict Regulations.

We asked ourselves how much weight it would be possible to save, while maintaining the cost of the transformation at a reasonable level, and to what extent the excellent performance of the Shock Cub would be affected. It was clear to us from the start that some of the fundamental features, such as the Wing with Slats on demand, the Landing Gear equipped with Shock Absorbers (the basic Aircraft has a lighter, traditional Undercarriage), the Horizontal Tail with the Trim Yoke System as standard, would be integral parts of our project.

Through the general weight saving campaign, which has impacted the whole airframe, keeping at the same time a 600 kg MTOW, we have managed to reach a demonstrated minimum Empty Weight, with a 100 hp Rotax 912, below 295 kg (with radio on board, no optional and specific weight saving program which offers Carbonfiber Parts, light weight Battery, Oracover in place of classic heat-shrink Dacron, etc.). The effort necessary to obtain this result has required a long, meticulous revision and optimization of the whole Airframe i.e. the Fuselage, the Empennage, the Landing Gear, the Nose Fairing and the Engine Cowl, the Fuselage Skin, the Cockpit Interiors, the Braking System and the Wing with its Control Surfaces.

Our work has enabled us to propose, to all markets where it is requested or desired, a Shock Cub in all respects but more lightweight. The consequent outstanding characteristics, due to the Hyper STOL behavior of our Wing, together with the extreme lightness of the Aircraft, allow us to confirm that we have reached a class of performance which can be considered at the top of the market in all those phases of flight well below 50 km/h TAS (more typical for a Para-Motor than for a sound and robust 3 axis Aircraft), all the while maintaining interesting cruise Speeds even with the serial Engine.

The name “Ultra” has been therefore chosen, especially to embrace all these factors, creating the perfect link between the superlative performances of the more powerful and heavier Shock Cub, and the need of a lighter Aircraft, still designed for a 600 kg MTOW and in compliance with specific Markets law. The Ultralight version of our Shock Cub is finally born with a precise ambition: to be the first and only Ultralight suitable for Bushflying, flyable within the law even if equipped with Rescue System, Slats, Shock Absorbers, Bushwheels, Avionics, etc., in all those markets where the Empty Weight is limited by the rules, and/or for all those Pilots who put lightness before all other factors.

Samolot Savage Shock Ultra
Samolot Savage Shock Ultra
Savage Shock Ultra - nowa obudowa silnika
Savage Shock Ultra - nowa obudowa silnika
EngineRotax 912 ULS 100hp
Fuel Tank Capaccity68lt (18 Gallons – Optional 30 Gallons)
PropellerTwo blade wooden prop 183cm (72″)


Wing span900cm (354,3″)
Length684cm (269,3″)
with Alaskan Bw 29″
225cm (88,5″)
Wing surface area15,21mq (163,7sq/ft)
Wing chord169cm (66,5″)
Cabin width69cm (27,1″)
Undercarriage width
with Al.Bw 26″
226cm (88,9″)


Max take off weight600 kg
Weight unloaded basic version
(with optional light weight program)
below 295 kg (649 lbs)
Effective load capacityup to 305 kg (671 lb)
Max wing loading40 kg/mq (8,2 lb/sqft)
Load factor+6 -3 (tested at 600kg MTOW/ 1320 lbs)


VNE (with slats)185 km/h (115 mph)
Max speed s.l. (with slats)180 km/h (112 mph)
Cruising speed 75% 140 km/h (87 mph)
Climb rate 5 mt/s ( 1.000 ft/m)
Minimum flight speed with full flaps (MTOW)34 km/h (21 mph)
Minimum flight speed with full flaps (single pilot)27 km/h (17 mph)
Max ceiling> 4800 m (15.750 ft)
Range 65%520 km (323 Nm)
Required take off space (single pilot)< 28 mt ( 90 ft)
Required take off space (MTOW)50 mt (160 ft)
Required landing space (single pilot)< 16 mt (51 ft)
Required landing space (MTOW)< 33 mt (105 ft)
Samolot Savage Shock Ultra

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