Samolot Savage Norden

Two years of hard job, more than 20 years of specific experience in this sector, putted into this new project. This new plane represents the sum of our vision, the expectations and needs coming from our customers and the tendencies coming from the STOL market. Design and elegance, innovations and safety, aerodinamic and performances, enhanced ergonomy and new cargo capacity, reliability and strength, functionality and desire of new adventures, all togheter we hope, quite well mixed.

This refined backcountry aircraft is 703 cm long, 223 cm tall (or more depending on tires sizes) and has a wing span of 903 cm. The empty basic weight is less than 360 kg and will be available in the future as LSA in the USA and other Countries and as ULM in Europe (into the new Ultralight 600 kg class).

A completely new and bigger fuselage, with new shapes for fin/rudder section (fin now has ribs to increase the efficency and stability) and lateral windows, for the first time matched with a completely new metal wing with traditional spars and more advanced airfoil, equipped with an over-dimensioned electrical retractable slat system and a manual double slotted flaps, will ensure excellent performances both in cruise speed and landing.

The new wing tips were designed to help the aileron’s efficency at low speed and to increase the aerodinamic efficiency at cruise or top speed… The strenght of the new metal wing, designed for 800kg MTOW, the slats and the low landing speeds ensured by the large double slotted flaps (that will even create enough pitch moment to increase the front visibility), will enhance the safety factor for the pilots during STOL operations.

The wing struts have been redesigned with new stronger and separate attachments to the fuselage.The fuel tanks will be available in 3 sizes :100, 140 and up to 180 lt and will offer together with an higher cruise speed an extended range for your longer trips..A new fuel indicator system will alert you, just in case and to prevent any risk in this area.

The trim system has been modified, increasing the total vertical travel of the yoke system, allowing now more trimming capacity to the elevator to compensate a larger spectrum of speeds.

A very large optional cargo area, full carbon made, with an external access door, with the possibility to extend it even further, allowing one pilot to sleep inside the plane if necessary, will open new possibility for our Savage owners.

A completely revised cabin ergonomy, with new easier accessibility for both pilots, with the larger door of the category and a bigger distance between the two seatings, will offer a new dimension of confort inside the cabin. New “adjustable” carbon seats matched with some premium leather, available in 18 different colors, will offer a new touch to the interiors and a new confort for longer trips…

On demand also the seat belts, can be ordered using different colors, according to customer desires. New rudder pedals will ensure better control on the ground in every condition. The even bigger ailerons, are now controlled by push pull tubes inside the wings, giving a more precise feedback to the pilots .The flaps are now controlled by a torsional tube and push pull rods.

An important goal for Zlin Aviation, has been to try to increase the forward visibility for pilots during STOL operations: the front windshield is now more angled (to also reduce the amount of drag at higher cruising speeds) and our new instrument panel, compact but elegant, has been designed to achieve this target. We also wanted to be innovative from the design point of view, and this new instrument panel can be in fact customized, according to customer wishes. Up to 20 special different aeronautical paints, or a full carbon look or even an alcantara / leather combination, with a choice of different seams, will be availabe for our customer.

The new optional dual caliper brake system is more than enough to handle full power coming from a Rotax 915. The main landing gear is now extended and reinforced by 3″ (standard) and has a different design. It has also been moved more forward, allowing pilots to brake even harder, when necessary.

The standard tailwheel can now be upgraded to T3 tailwheel suspension system or even Acme Stinger. The standard bungee system can be upgraded with a custom made shock absorber system produced by one our dealer, or even with a more professional Acme Shock PRO Series system, designed for tought operations.

The new cowling design is sleek and streamlined, taking in mind the faster cruise speed planned for this plane, but big enough to offer plenty of space for engines installation, due to our new rounded bowl and firewall area, that gives more presence and elegance to the whole front area of the plane.

The basic engine for this plane will be the Rotax 100 hp but the plane during 2021, will be able to hold also the power coming from the new Edge Performance EPeX300Ti (300 hp), planned to be installed only for the experimental market. The first EPeX300Ti will be installed and tested later this year and has already been ordered by our company.

Now something about the name. It took really long to decide for a new name, this time. So why NORDEN? and why with a “globe” designed in place of the standard “O” and then an inverted N at the end? basically because we were inspired by the main cardinal point, the mythical North and because we always try to think different, so why not to invert the N at the end for example? to think different in fact, allowed us to design this plane, not taking in mind what we did untill yesterday, but trying to open our mind, reaching new limits…

Norden then, is a name used to identify the beautiful Nordic and Scandinavian Countries as Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland… These incredible lands all together with North of Canada and Alaska, are well linked with the concepts of Adventures and STOL operations. Who has never dreamed to make a trip to Cape North, to Iceland or to Alaska, just to name some of these places? Furthermore, it is not a secret that the real bushflying has been invented in the “real North Territories”… These Countries are then very far by most of the people around the world, and this also moved us trying to find a name that could both inspire great „adventures” and „long trips”…

Samolot Savage Norden
Samolot Savage Norden
Samolot Savage Norden
Samolot Savage Norden
Samolot Savage Norden
Fuel Tank Capaccity


Wing span
Height with Alaskan Bw 29″
Wing surface area
Wing chord
Cabin width
Undercarriage width with Al.Bw 26″


Max take off weight
Weight unloaded basic version (with optional light weight program)
Effective load capacity
Max wing loading
Load factor


VNE (with slats)
Max speed s.l. (with slats)
Cruising speed 75%
Climb rate
Minimum flight speed with full flaps (MTOW)
Minimum flight speed with full flaps (single pilot)
Max ceiling
Required take off space (single pilot)
Required take off space (MTOW)
Required landing space (single pilot)
Required landing space (MTOW)
Samolot Savage Norden

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